Modern reason to not drink(why can’t we not be sober)

Research about nootropics. If you decide to invest in them, you will have a valid reason not to drink any alcohol. Because the nootropics are there to build up and add to the foundations of the brain structure, like the adding of more cement to a buildings’ foundation. And the alcohol is like washing away the cement of the the brains foundation structure.

I don’t believe that quitting all alcohol is a necessity, I just have the understanding that investing in nootropics will give you a 100% decision in not choosing a drink of alcohol so easily. It is advised not to mix nootropics and alcohol together. This will give you a valid reason why you choose not to drink while out in social settings.

Or just tell people it’s a spiritual choice.

Since I am not on any nootropics this year, I do enjoy a good beer or wine once in a while. But once I do start a nootropics investment, then I would have to decline the magic ancient water supply.   – Lost